Costume, set and props designer
Miss Jeanine Ecklund has been a director, choreographer and costume designer for over 25 years. She knows how difficult it is to stay in a school or theater budget. You make this amazing show and then you cannot afford to costume it accordingly. She wants to help you meet the needs of your production with beautiful costumes. The costumes are the lowest prices you will find for the quality your cast will be excited to perform in. Ask for special rates for booking off season and booking early. The Mille stenog desks- with stick phones, typewriters and costume lot- goes the quickest. Ask her for help, she loves to help with her vast experience in theater, and studying at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater institute. Even if you won't be renting from her or your far away, she will guide you!

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February 04, 2022
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upcoming shows


I would like to see the shows.  In the past there be a place to see where it will be in the upcoming year around the nation.  Can you help?  I am interested in both Matilda Jr and Matilda.


Musically Yours,


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