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Kosei Maeda

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August 01, 2019
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About Concert Style Musical

Dear Music Theatre International Staff,

My Name is Kosei Maeda, and I am an artisctic director of orchestra in Japan.

I'm thinking now that we will hold a concert which forcuses on Musical especially, Westside Story or Les Misérables now, and I have some questions about performace and licence.

First of all, I would be delighted if you answered whether we can hold a concert style musical ( which means we use only music and song, nothing else) or not.

Secondly, if we can, tell me how we should do, and tell me the process to use music and music scores please.

Finaly, tell me how much is the total cost, please.


I'm so sorry for poor English, if you can answered as soon as possible, I would be happy.


Yours sincerely,

Kosei Maeda

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