Xanadu JR.
A Greek muse inspires love, laughter and the world's first Roller Disco in this 1980s glitter explosion based on the cult film and Broadway musical.
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Full Synopsis

The year is 1980. Somewhere along the beach in Venice, California, Sonny Malone becomes frustrated with the mural he has painted of the nine muses of Greek mythology. After he storms off in frustration, the Muses come to life ("I'm Alive") and Sonny's Muse, Kira (a.k.a. Clio), hatches a plan to inspire Sonny to artistic greatness.

Kira disguises herself as a regular mortal from Australia and arrives at the Santa Monica pier just in time to rescue Sonny. Kira begins her work ("Magic"), and Sonny reveals his dream to open a roller disco.

Inspiring Sonny brings Kira one step closer to being granted the gift of Xanadu. This infuriates sister Muses, Melpomene and Calliope, who hatch a plan to curse Kira so that she falls in love with the mortal Sonny, something that is strictly forbidden ("Evil Woman").

Sonny and Kira meet again in front of a rundown theater and receive a sign that things are coming together to fulfill Sonny's dream ("Suddenly"). Sonny meets with Danny, the owner of the theater, who is not interested in Sonny's plan until Kira enters and reminds him of someone he knew long ago ("Whenever You're Away from Me"). In a flashback, we learn that Kira once came to Danny in the guise of a Southern belle, Kitty, and inspired him to build the old theater.

Melpomene and Calliope hide in the abandoned theater and await the arrival of Kira and Sonny so they can curse them and make them fall in love. Danny and Sonny run into each other at the theater, which is named Xanadu, and share their individual visions for its restoration ("Dancin'"). Danny agrees to give Sonny the theater if he can fix it up by the end of the day. Kira arrives, and they begin planning, providing Melpomene and Calliope with the moment for which they have been waiting ("Strange Magic").

Left with only one hour to restore the theater, the Muses enter and help with the job ("All over the World"). With the theater restored, Danny is back in show business, and Sonny's dreams are coming true. The two of them admire the Xanadu sign while Kira receives a message from Zeus (via Hermes), reminding her of the rules by which she must live. Realizing her feelings, Kira tries to leave, but Sonny begs her to stay ("Don't Walk Away"). Kira gets away, and her evil sisters talk Danny into selling them the theater.

Kira returns to Venice Beach to re-enter the mural, having failed in her quest to inspire Sonny and achieve Xanadu for herself. Confronted by her sisters and Sonny, the truth comes out, and she leaves, flying back to Mount Olympus on the back of Pegasus ("Suspended in Time").

Kira is brought before Zeus, Aprhodite, Thetis and Hera to answer for what she has done. Zeus proclaims his sentence, but the others beg his mercy ("Have You Never Been Mellow"). Zeus pardons Kira, and Sonny arrives at Mount Olympus to profess his love. Zeus decrees that Kira shall return to Earth as a mortal to be with Sonny. He grants her the gift of Xanadu ("Xanadu").



Cast Size: Flexible Cast Size
Cast Type: Children
Dance Requirements: Standard

Character Breakdown

Sonny Malone
Sonny Malone is the young male lead from the beaches of California. He is wide-eyed, full of dreams and can be a bit sensitive; after all, he is an artist! While Sonny may not be the brightest, he is very sincere and earnest. Be sure to cast your best male singer and actor with a great sense of comedic timing.
Gender: male
Kira is the Greek heroine and loveable, young ingénue. She begins the play as Clio, the youngest and the most idealistic of the Muses. With the addition of leg warmers and an Australian accent, she quickly becomes Kira to help Sonny realize his dreams. She is ambitious, smart and like Sonny, pure of heart. Make sure to cast a strong, experienced performer who can act, move well and has a good comedic timing.
Gender: female
Danny Maguire
Danny Maguire is a real estate magnate and owner of the Xanadu theater. This is a wonderful part for a male actor who is adept at playing character roles. He should be a malleable actor who can evolve from being guarded about protecting the theater to becoming partners with Sonny and then betraying him. Danny should be an experienced singer.
Gender: male
The Andrews Sisters

The Andrews Sisters (Maxene, Patty and Laverne) are an exact duplicate of the Andrews Sisters that were famous in the 1940s. Cast three actresses who are proficient musicians and who complement one another well. They should sound and feel like one tight unit.

Gender: female
Vocal range top: Eb5
Vocal range bottom: B3
The Tubes
The Tubes is an iconic, hard-rockin' new-wave band of the 80s. Cast young performers who are fearless and can really rock out. While the real Tubes were all guys, feel free to cast girls too. The important thing is that they all have great energy and can sing with a lot of character. This is also a perfect place for your most advanced dancers.
Gender: any
Melpomene, Muse of Tragedy, is the eldest of the Muses and is most responsible for plotting against Kira. Choose an actress who works well with Calliope, Muse of Epics, so that you have a fun, dynamic pairing. Also, make sure to find an actress who can both sing and act well.
Gender: female
Calliope, Muse of Epics, is Melpomene's "Wing-Muse." She is equally devious and listens closely to her sister's direction. Calliope is a great role for an actress who can both sing and act well, and should be a perfect complement to Melpomene. For comedic effect, cast two actresses who look vastly different rather than identical. For example, it may be funnier to have a very tall Melpomene paired with a short Calliope or a Melpomene with dark hair with a Calliope with blonde hair.
Gender: female
Other Muses

Erato, Euterpe, Polyhymnia, Terpischore, Thalia and Urania. Each Muse should embody their specific role (i.e. Thalia, Muse of Comedy should have a comedic knack). Although the roles are specified as sisters, it is completely fine to cast guys; the most important thing is that they work well as a synchronous group. These featured roles are perfect for experienced performers with strong voices and lots of creativity.

Be sure to cast a performer with a big presence; he is after all, the King of the Gods. This is a great part for an actor who has a large, booming voice.
Gender: male
Hera is Zeus' wife and is known for her comparable status to her husband. Cast a young lady who can embody Hera's grand stature and power. Zeus and Hera should complement one another as the most powerful duo in Greek mythology.
Gender: female
Hermes is a hilarious cameo role for a performer with excellent comedic skills. In just a couple of lines, Hermes can deliver a memorable performance. Cast a young actor with lots of energy.
Gender: male
Thetis is the Goddess of the Sea who tells the pivotal story of Achilles and his vulnerable heel, which in turn, changes Kira's perspective about really loving Sonny. Cast a good actress with excellent diction who is able to tell the story clearly.
Gender: female
Aphrodite is a good role for a young performer new to the stage. She is the Goddess of Love, so cast a young lady with a sweet and demure nature.
Gender: female
Melpomene's nine alluring daughters, are great cameo roles for actresses who are talented but may not have much experience on the stage before. Molpe, Peisonoe, Thelxiepeia have solo lines.
Gender: female
Eros, Cyclops, Centaur, and Medusa. And of course, there is the Greek Chorus, which is the foundation for the world of the play. Each actor has a great responsibility to make the show as diverse and specific as possible. Remember, there are no small parts!
Gender: any
Full Song List
Xanadu JR.: I'm Alive (Part 1)
Xanadu JR.: I'm Alive (Part 2)
Xanadu JR.: Sonny On The Brink
Xanadu JR.: Magic
Xanadu JR.: The Muses Muse (Part 1)
Xanadu JR.: Evil Woman
Xanadu JR.: Evil Woman (Playoff)
Xanadu JR.: Suddenly
Xanadu JR.: Now, Sister?
Xanadu JR.: Whenever You're Away From Me (Part 1)
Xanadu JR.: Whenever You're Away From Me (Part 2)
Xanadu JR.: Dancin'
Xanadu JR.: Strange Magic
Xanadu JR.: Sisters' Entrances
Xanadu JR.: All Over The World
Xanadu JR.: A Shadow On The Wall
Xanadu JR.: Hermes
Xanadu JR.: Don't Walk Away
Xanadu JR.: Don't Walk Away (Playoff)
Xanadu JR.: Suspended In Time
Xanadu JR.: Have You Never Been Mellow
Xanadu JR.: Xanadu
Xanadu JR.: Bows
Xanadu JR.: Exit Music


Curriculum Connection

  • Inspiration
  • Greek Mythology
  • 1980s American Culture
  • Reading Maps
  • Geometry
  • Mathematics and Percentages
  • Budgeting
  • Imagination


Based on the Universal Pictures film with a screenplay by Richard Danus & Marc Rubel.


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Author Billing – Xanadu JR.
In accordance with the Dramatic Performing Rights License, all advertising, such as posters and program covers, must include the show logo as provided in the ShowKit® Director’s Guide and all of the following author billing.
It is a violation of your contract if you crop or edit the logo in any way. 
[Name of School]
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Book by
Music and Lyrics by
Based on the Universal Pictures film 
Screenplay by Richard Danus & Marc Rubel  
Notwithstanding the foregoing, in advertisements of 1/4 page size or less or where only the title of the play, performance dates and venue are provided, the following “shortened billing” is permissible:
Book by Douglas Carter Beane
Music & Lyrics by Jeff Lynne & John Farrar
Based on the Universal Pictures film
Screenplay by Richard Danus & Marc Rubel
Additionally, you are not obligated to provide credit to any party if you utilize artwork title billing for your production of the Play.  However, if you choose to provide credit in the artwork title billing to the director of the Play, or any of the Authors, or Universal Pictures, then the following credits must appear in the size indicated in relationship to the artwork title:
Book by                                 Music & Lyrics by
Douglas Carter Beane               Jeff Lynne & John Farrar  
       (30%)                                                          (30%)      
Based on the Universal Pictures film
Screenplay by Richard Danus & Marc Rubel 
The following billing shall appear on or appurtenant to the “Staff Credit Page” of all programs for Producer’s production of the Play and any other place where any other publisher and/or licensor of rights of musical compositions utilized in the Play receives credit:
“Xanadu,” “All Over the World,” “The Fall,” “I’m Alive,” “Evil Woman,” “Don’t Walk Away” and “Strange Magic” written by Jeff Lynne, published by EMI Blackwood Music Inc.
“Magic,” “Suddenly,” “Dancin’,” “Suspended in Time,” “Whenever You’re Away From Me,” “Fool” and “Have You Never Been Mellow” written by John Farrar, published by John Farrar Music.
The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited

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