Schoolhouse Rock Live! JR.
Based on the ever-popular, award-winning 1970s cartoons, this fast-paced musical teaches lessons with clever, catchy tunes.
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Full Synopsis

Tom Mizer, a new teacher, wakes up and prepares for his first day of school by practicing what he is going to say to his students. Tom struggles to find the right way to introduce himself, and the Ensemble enters speaking Tom's anxious inner thoughts. Tom decides he needs to relax and turns on the TV, where he finds that Schoolhouse Rock is on ("Schoolhouse Rocky"). Tom is shocked when the characters in the television show begin talking directly to him. Tom's attempts to scare them away fail, and George explains that the characters are just the ideas in Tom's head. Dina points out to Tom that the audience is also part of Tom's psyche. Shulie and the rest of the group pull him into the world of Schoolhouse Rock by explaining, and acting out, the world of nouns ("A Noun Is A Person, Place, Or Thing").

Tom is still a little confused and anxious, but George explains that's why the group is there: to help Tom prepare for his first day. Though Tom is eager to get to his lesson plans, George reassures him that teaching will be as easy as one, two, three ("Three Is A Magic Number"). Tom exclaims, "That was the coolest song!" and Dina proclaims that they have lots of other cool songs. Tom defends himself by saying "cool" was the first adjective he could think of. Dori asks what an adjective is, and the group explains this feature of grammar ("Unpack Your Adjectives"). From this song, Tom learns the best way to teach grammar is with imagination, but he then realizes he still needs help teaching other subjects. George becomes "Bill" to help Tom find a creative way to teach social studies ("Just A Bill").

Tom expresses his surprise at how much he has forgotten about Schoolhouse Rock. Shulie reminds him that the TV show helped him pass a Constitution exam when he was younger. Tom reminisces about the song that helped him on his test ("The Preamble"). The song prompts Tom to remember something he's known all along: learning should be fun, like a game. Dina is tired and mentions that she's ready for a nap, but Tom insists they keep up their momentum ("Do The Circulation").

Joe expresses exhaustion, and Tom replies that the song was quite fun. Dori then prompts Tom with a question made of a conjunction, as do Dina and Shulie. When Tom questions what the group is getting at, they respond with another song ("Conjunction Junction"). Tom feels inspired by the song. Joe points out that many of Tom's students won't be from America and will speak English as a second language, and Tom promises to keep this idea in mind in his teaching ("Great American Melting Pot"). Tom points out that America didn't come together as a country so easily ("Elbow Room").

Shulie ponders the notion of colonizing the moon, and Tom mentions he never knew anyone who traveled in space. Shulie says that she knows someone: Janet! ("Interplanet Janet").

George tells Tom they must go, but Tom pleads with them to stay. The group insists on leaving and sends him off with good wishes. Tom tells them he has a little more time left before his school day starts, so they all agree to sing one last song ("Interjections"). ("Bows").



Cast Size: Medium (11 to 20 performers)
Cast Type: Children
Dance Requirements: Standard

Character Breakdown


The idealistic young teacher and hero of our story. He is nervous about his first day of teaching, yet gradually becomes more at ease as the show continues. Cast a mature young performer who is amiable, likable, and charming. Tom doesn't sing a solo, so casting your best actor is a perfect choice.

Gender: male

A marvelous character role. He takes the lead on "Three Is A Magic Number" and "Just A Bill." Cast a good singer and a great character actor. George in particular is a calming presence and excellent cheerleader for Tom. He is the romantic, and he is caring and in control.

Gender: male
Vocal range top: E4
Vocal range bottom: Bb2

Takes the lead on "A Noun Is A Person, Place, Or Thing," "The Preamble" and "Elbow Room." This actress takes the lead on more songs than any other character, so she needs to be a strong singer who can lead the entire ensemble. She goofiest of the gang, often acting silly and being playful.

Gender: female
Vocal range top: C5
Vocal range bottom: A3

Sweet and genuine. She is featured in "Unpack Your Adjectives" and takes the lead on "Interplanet Janet." Cast a strong singer and likable character actor.

Gender: female
Vocal range top: C5
Vocal range bottom: G3

Definitely one cool kid. He's laid back and fun-loving. Cast a Joe who can deliver the great "Conjunction Junction" with the right growl.

Gender: male
Vocal range top: E4
Vocal range bottom: D3

Mature, thoughtful, and grounded. Dina is featured in "Unpack Your Adjectives" and takes the lead on "Interjections." Your Dina should be a good, strong singer with an ability to sing harmony.

Gender: female
Vocal range top: C5
Vocal range bottom: Bb3

A great role for a fantastic character actor. Make sure to cast a performer with a big personality that can embody the king of rock and roll!

Gender: male
Vocal range top: D4
Vocal range bottom: B2

A good featured role for a great singer and actor with lots of personality! She leads "Interplanet Janet" with Shulie, so be sure to cast to actors who work well together.

Gender: female
Vocal range top: D5
Vocal range bottom: C4

Any young person could be cast in your ensemble. Remember, there are lots of small featured roles in the vignette songs that are easily filled by the ensemble, instead of double-cast with one of the named characters. Feel free to cast Congressmen, Thomas Jefferson, Lewis, Clark, Sacajawea, the Sun, the Planets, the Comet Team, Reginald, Doctor, Geraldine, Gerald, Franklin, the Team and the Crowd from the ensemble.

Gender: any
Full Song List
Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr, Binder Version: A Noun is a Person, Place or Thing
Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr, Binder Version: Three is a Magic Number
Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr, Binder Version: Unpack Your Adjectives
Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr, Binder Version: Just a Bill
Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr, Binder Version: The Preamble
Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr, Binder Version: Do the Circulation
Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr, Binder Version: Conjunction Junction
Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr, Binder Version: Great American Melting Pot
Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr, Binder Version: Elbow Room
Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr, Binder Version: Interplanet Janet
Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr, Binder Version: Interjections


Curriculum Connection

  • Grammar
  • Biology
  • Measuring distance
  • US History
  • The Solar System
  • Space Travel



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Originally Adapted and Produced for the Stage by
Theatre BAM
From the Series Created by
George Newall and Tom Yohe
Based on an Idea by David McCall
Originally Conceived and Directed by Scott Ferguson
Book by
Scott Ferguson, Kyle Hall and George Keating
Music and Lyrics by
Lynn Ahrens, Bob Dorough, David Frishberg,
Kathy Mandry, George Newall and Tom Yohe
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