By the Beautiful Sea

By the Beautiful Sea
A vaudeville star finds love at turn-of-the century Coney Island in this enchanting 1954 classic.

Holding court among some of the highest regarded works, By the Beautiful Sea is an absolute jewel of musical theatre's Golden Age. Featuring a winning book and score by Herbert and Dorothy Fields and Arthur Schwartz, this breezy and delightful charmer is set by the seashore in the "good old summertime" of yore.

Lottie Gibson, renowned vaudeville performer, has returned to her family-owned boarding house in Coney Island to spend the summer. To the delight of the community, dashing Shakespearean actor, Dennis Emery, is bringing works of The Bard to the seashore town. Rumor has it that Mr. Emery's sets are being withheld elsewhere. Eager to please her new beau, Lottie writes Emery a check to get his show up and running. The apple of her eye has a few immaculately kept secrets of his own that are far more than financial. Heartwarming hilarity ensues as all set about to uphold their reputations by any means necessary.

A riotous romp into a time of sheer ecstasy, By the Beautiful Sea is a wonderful opportunity for a company to flex its technical muscles and feature the talents of a variety of performers.




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