Shrek the Musical Casting

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September 23, 2013
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Hello,My community theater group is considering Shrek for our summer 2014 musical. I am putting together a proposal, and was wondering if anyone who has already done it could share how they did casting with the ensemble. I am trying to make heads or tails about what roles can be double cast and what works well with costume changes etc. Thanks!
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March 6, 2014
My prodction of Shrek opened this weekend. The hardest part about doubling up characters is coordinating the costume changes...Here is who I have doubled up... Mama Ogre/Tweedle Dee/Bluerbird/ Blind Mouse Papa Ogre/Bricks (Pig)/Thelonious Mama Bear/ Happy Villager/ Duloc/ Guard (only in regiments & Ballad Of Farquaad)/ Blind Mouse Captain Of The Guard/ Duloc/ Pied Piper/ Knight/ Rat / Bishop Papa Bear/ Knight/ Duloc/ Rat /Guard (only in regiments & Ballad Of Farquaad) Baby Bear/ Happy Villager/ Fiona Double/ Rat Gingy/Sugarplum Fairy / Happy Villager/ Duloc/ Rat Dragon/ Happy Villager/ Duloc/ Rat/ Blind Mouse Big Bad Wolf / King / Knight Pinocchio / Dragon Puppeteer / Old Woman From The Shoe (Bit I added in Traveling Song) Wicked Witch / Queen Lillian / Duloc/ Rat Elf / Duloc/ Rat Fairy Godmother/ Duloc/ Rat/ Guard (only in regiments & Ballad Of Farquaad) Teen Fiona / Happy Villager / Little Red Riding Hood (In Freak Flag Only) Young Fiona / Gretel (For bit I added in traveling song and Freak Flag) Young Shrek / Grumpy / Hansel (For Bit I added in traveling song and Freak Flag) Ugly Duckling / Knight/ Duloc/ Rat / Guard (only in Regment and Ballad) Mad Hatter/ Duloc/ Rat / Guard (Only in Regiment and Ballad) Walter/Happy Villager/ Guard Peter Pan/ Dragon Operator/ Guard (Only in regiment and Ballad) Sticks (Pig)/ Dragon Operator Straw (pig) Off the top of my head I think that is everyone!

March 3, 2014
I would suggets not doubling Farquaad. His costmuing is too complex to be switching him in and out of. That is, if you do the tiny legs.

September 24, 2013
Katie, I would be glad to share our casting breakdown. Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Did not double at all (nor did they sing with the offstage choir) Mama Ogre could be doubled Dragon...but we did not double her Papa Ogre doubled as Pig #1 and a guard baby Shrek doubled as a mouse Queen Lilian Doubled as Fairy Godmother (or in our production, Blue fairy) King Herold doubled as a guard Little Fiona doubled as a mouse (we had 4 fionas) Many fairy tale characters doubled as guards Papa Bear doubled as the captain of the guards Mama Bear was a Dragon operator Little Red Riding Hood doubled as Dragon's voice (was onstage as Dragon under the puppet) Baby bear was a mouse (all our mice were 5-7 year olds) young Fiona was a dulac dancer (all our dulac dancers were 7-12 year olds) Teen fiona was ugly duckling and a blind mouse Sugar Plum fairy was a blind mouse Farquaad was a guard in the "story of my life" scene Our guard costumes were designed to cover costumes and only the costumes that could hide under the guards robes were doubled from the fairy tale characters. Our costumes are available for rental if desired. :) and photos can be seen in our photo album on here Hope this helps! Rachel Thuermer