Hot Mikado

Hot Mikado
Gilbert and Sullivan's comic masterpiece is updated with the swinging sounds of 1940s jazz and blues

Cultures glide and collide in a hilarious and "hot" updating of Gilbert and Sullivan's perennial classic, The Mikado. Hot Mikado weaves an hilarious tale, where, despite life-or-death stakes, characters still find time to tap their toes and do their fair share of scatting.

In a land where outlandish laws sentence people to death for almost any indiscretion, jazz, the blues and gospel are spoken fluently. Find out what happens when the clean lines and color of Japanese design combine with the big band sights and sounds of popular American song and dance!

An indescribably wonderful opportunity for a culturally diverse organization, the musical is rich with intricate vocal lines that are ideal for a skilled group of vocalists. Because of its singular juxtaposition of Japanese culture with 1940s style, this show can prove just as yummy for visionary scenic designers and directors alike.



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