In the Beginning

In the Beginning
Let there be laughs in this hilarious send up of the Old Testament.

In the words of MTI's very own Freddie Gershon, In the Beginning is "the funniest Bible musical ever written!" This good-natured ribbing of the Old Testament has a score by Tony winner, Maury Yeston.

In the Beginning is an hysterical tribute to the ordinary, everyday people who didn't make into the Bible, even though they experienced all of the well-known Biblical events. Unremarkable though they may be, these hardy Biblical bystanders somehow survive calamity after calamity in outrageous fashion, inventing some useful and practical devices along the way (for example, the Life Saver... candy), escaping enslavement in ancient Egypt and helping a young man named Cain find his redemption.

The show features a strong chorus with minimal dance – great for a midsize company looking to show off an ensemble with strong comedy and singing chops. In the Beginning also has some roles for children.



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