Avenue Q Puppetry Training

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AvenueQPuppetCamp.com is the brainchild of Kevin Noonchester; a veteran of Avenue Q and member of the “Puppet Up” puppet improv comedy troupe behind Henson Alternative’s critically acclaimed “Stuffed & Unstrung.”

Kevin took the stage in the roles of Princeton/Rod & Nicky/Trekkie in the Las Vegas production of Avenue Q starring original Broadway cast members, Rick Lyon & John Tartaglia.  Kevin also understudied every male role.  Other puppetry credits include: Marlin in Finding Nemo: The Musical (written by Avenue Q’s two time Tony Award winning composer/co-creator, Bobby Lopez), the Alpaca puppeteer in Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas at the Geffen Playhouse starring Matthew Modine, 5 television puppetry commercials for Jitterbug cellphones and 3 television puppetry commercials for Sony PSP. Kevin also has his own successful puppet company, Noteworthy Puppets where he specializes in original puppet musicals.

1.        Puppet Camp (Our most popular service)
     o        Instruct the cast with the truly unique style of Avenue Q puppetry which includes:

  • Eye Focus
  • Lip Sync
  • Proper stance
  • Puppet "gravity" & walking
  • Specificity of gestures
  • Synchronization of head movement between actor & puppet
  • Arm Rod manipulation
  • Live hand puppetry techniques
  • Second hand assisting
  • How the puppets interact with props
  • How the puppet characters interact with the human characters

2.        Direction & Choreography (Our best value)
     o        As an understudy trained by the original Broadway creative team to perform nearly every puppet role in the show, I'm well equipped to recreate elements of the original staging & choreography or create a show with touches that are unique to your production.

3.        Set Blueprints
     o        Blueprints based upon intimate knowledge of the original set design are available to guide you as you build your own fully functional set!

4.        Puppet Rental
     o        We offer a set of six "Purpose boxes" for rental. They are handmade trigger operated puppets that mimic the ease and performability of the original Broadway box puppets.  Many puppet rental sources, including MTI, do not make these specific puppet characters available for rental.

These services are available separately or in any combination. I will work with you to best serve the needs and budget of your production.