NEW Point Source Headset & Lav Microphone Package Available!

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Like NEW, Retails for for $20,000, selling for $7,500 or BEST OFFER

One-year old, used on one professional production for 3 weeks

This package includes
-28x Point Source C08-WDL (Headset microphones)
-8x Point Source C08-WL (Lavalier Microphones)
-6x Battery chargers
-96x Rechargeable AA Batteries
-47x Mic packs (Tan & Black)
-48x Mic belts (Tan & Black, various sizes) 
(photos are from retail website and production)

Perfect for live events, regional theater, community theater, high school productions, etc. 

Available for pick up in New Jersey, or can be shipped. 

Please email Allison at with interest and/or any questions.