Hard Work, Talent and Adventuresome Youth - Freddie G on the HuffPo

Hard Work, Talent and Adventuresome Youth - Freddie G on the HuffPo

By Jason Cocovinis on February 26, 2015
Benjamin Scheuer - The Lion

Here's an excerpt from Freddie Gershon's latest Huffington Post article which explores The Lion and Hamilton - two brand new musicals filled with passion and creativity.  Give it a read and check out the full article here.  Freddie would love to hear what you think, so please leave comments on the HuffPo site:

Being original ain't easy as it requires intuitive gut strength and the courage to fail. One must dig deep and expose oneself to strangers in public. This can (when it works) change our perceptions and insinuate itself into our lives... or you can fall on your face.

Although these two shows are different (one large, one small), they are both inventive, fresh, riveting and original.

No one in an audience who goes to the theatre knows the DNA of how a show came to be. When you sit down in your seat, you are either transported or not. That's all that matters.

There is no science to write a show; no navigational equipment provided to authors except to hold onto the rudder of their passion and vision and steer their ship. The Lion and Hamilton succeed because the audience is swept into new worlds through the talent and alchemy of trial and error, experimentation, hard work and good instincts.