Christmas Skates, The

The Christmas Skates
A pair of skates leads to a lesson about the true holiday spirit.

In this musical adaptation of Mary Griggs Van Voorhis’s short story “The Boy with the Box,” The Christmas Skates reminds us that the holidays are about more than counting gifts. This new musical features a heartwarming score with an essential message of hope and compassion.

It’s almost Christmas, and that means only one thing for Tom: presents! When his parents give him a pair of skates as an early gift, he is certain that it will be the best Christmas ever. But his hopes are dashed when he sees someone with newer, better skates. Meanwhile, Harvey, another kid in Tom's town, is working to support his family and plans to give his sisters a small but meaningful gift. Harvey's generosity and gratitude make Tom realize that this is a season for giving. With his family, Tom undertakes a "Christmas Mission" to surprise Harvey.

The Christmas Skates is a charming one-act musical that will touch audiences of all ages. The show can be performed flexibily with a cast of 4 or 12, perfect for theatre companies of all sizes. Unwrap the holiday joy of The Christmas Skates on your stage!


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