The Drunkard

The Drunkard
Barry Manilow uses audience participation to spoof nineteenth-century melodrama in this rollicking musical.

Lending his incomparable writing talents to the stage, Barry Manilow teams up with Bro Herrod to delve into the world of the nineteenth-century melodrama. The Drunkard presents a unique delivery of the famous melodrama by W. H. S. Smith, transporting audiences to an infinitely less subtle day in this deliciously coy and exaggerated musical.

Mary Wilson and her widowed mother are in dire straights. When it comes to their attention that the cottage they are renting is to be sold, Mary appears before the handsome new owner, Edward, hoping to request his mercy. Edward had already been informed of the debacle by the villainous lawyer, Cribbs, who has set about to destroy the Wilson family. Edward had already determined that the Wilson family was not to be forced from their home. After laying eyes on Mary, Edward is immediately in love, and the wedding is set; Cribbs' plan has been thwarted. He'll have to implement a new plan just as devious, involving the wicked devil's beverage... alcohol!

A small cast size, unique play structure and comedic style makes The Drunkard ideal for intimate theatre spaces. Enlisting audience participation as well as direct asides, this one-of-a-kind show is a tall glass of entertainment that will ensnare theatergoers' attention and leave them longing for more.



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