The No-Frills Revue

The No-Frills Revue
Songs from a host of legendary composers take the stage with "no-frills" and plenty of no-holds-barred satire.

A bevy of accomplished Broadway and Off-Broadway composers and writers have created the ultimate revue. The No-Frills Revue is a melodic, "not liable to date in our lifetime" satire: a sort of musical Saturday Night Live!

Conceived by director/lyricist Martin Charnin (Annie), The No-Frills Revues takes its cue from the brilliantly sardonic topical revues of the 1950s, employing original songs, sketches, a small cast and a trio of musicians in an hilarious all-out assault on the world as we know it: onomatopoetic names; the terrors of a high school reunion; extravagant rock concert benefits for obscure causes; ginsu knives; obligatory tap numbers; people who go through the ten-item express lane with twenty; and some intriguing "first drafts" of well-known musicals, including Annie as written by Stephen Sondheim and Jerry Herman's West Side Story.

Performed without intermission, this snappy, fast-paced revue is guaranteed not to bore, run on or wrinkle with age.



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