A musical retelling of Kismet, spiced up with the additional heat of a West African setting.

Opulent beyond man's dreams, travelers died in an attempt to cross the Sahara in search of the fabled city of Timbuktu! Set against this exotic locale is the story of the Poet; his beautiful daughter, Marsinah; an evil Wazir of Police; his restless Wife of Wives, Lundanda; and The Mansa of Mali, Bobo. While milling about the town incognito, Bobo happens upon Marsinah and instantly falls in love, but the twisting twine of fate will have to unravel in many thrilling and exciting ways before the two lovers can finally tie the knot!

With a score featuring such Broadway hits as "Stranger in Paradise" and "This Is My Beloved," this exotic musical has the power to conjure smiles and pleasant sighs from audiences everywhere. With a rather large cast and endless design possibilities, it's the perfect choice for a theatre company with a large talent pool and an abundance of creativity.



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