What about Luv?

What about Luv?
A dark comedy about love – in all of its neurotic glory and pain.

Fetching melodies, razor-sharp lyrics and zinging one-liners are the order of the day in this brilliant adaptation of the hilarious tongue-in-cheek comedy about love, What about Luv? From Susan Birkenhead, the Tony-nominated writer behind Jelly's Last Jam and Triumph of Love, and based on the hit play by Murray Schisgal, comes this non-stop laugh-riot that will keep you guessing until the very end.

It all takes place on the Brooklyn Bridge. Harry, despondent and depressed, is about to end it all by jumping, but his old school buddy, Milt (who also happens to be at the bridge that night – to kill his wife, Ellen) coaxes him off of the ledge. When neurotic Harry and brainy Ellen fall in love, allowing Milt to run off with the girl from the office, it looks like everything will turn out rosy. But one year later, Ellen no longer loves Harry, Milt wants his wife back, and – together – they plot Harry's demise on the same bridge where they'd saved his life.

One thing leads to several others, and a very damp fur coat, neuroses, intrigue, passion, jealousy and a used paper bag all add up to one of the most hilarious small musicals ever written! What about Luv? features a small band, a unit set and great comic roles, making it an excellent choice for theatres that are looking to have a huge success with a smaller show.



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