4 Guys Named José...

4 Guys Named José... and una Mujer Named María
A musical celebration of the rich and vibrant history of Latin America.

4 Guys Named José and una Mujer Named María was an Off-Broadway smash hit produced by Latin singing sensation, Enrique Iglesias. Paying tribute to the infectious rhythms of Latin music throughout the ages, this spicy show serves up non-stop laughs, intoxicating melodies and a journey through love, loss, nostalgia for one's homeland and the sheer joy of song.

Four young Latino men have a chance meeting at Burrito World in Omaha and discover that they share the same name! Even though their ancestral roots differ (Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic), they share a common dream: to stage a show of Latin standards that puts forth a positive image to counteract Latino stereotypes. Enter María, a beautiful woman whose vivaciousness entrances the gentlemen, causing them to vie for her attention. And the evening's only just begun!

A wild ride that features some of the most evocative Latin music, 4 Guys Named José... and una Mujer Named María is a fantastic show for any type of audience, regardless of ethnicity or age. Standards like "La Bamba," "Guantanamera," "I Like It Like That" and "Bang Bang / Oye Como Va" are featured in this hip-swishing score. 4 Guys Named José... will fit fantastically on any-sized stage because of its small technical demands and cast size.



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