Bendigo Boswell

Bendigo Boswell
A haunting tale highlighting the dramatic consequences of harboring prejudice.

Developed by the acclaimed National Youth Music Theatre, Bendigo Boswell was the winner of the Scotsman First Fringe Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was later produced for BBC Television.

The recent loss of Bendigo's mother has sent him into an emotional spiral, as he and his family migrate to the Kentish countryside for work. Meeting a young London girl, Anna seems to be the perfect treatment for his sadness; but Bendigo dangerously projects the attributes and spirits of his mother onto her. Anna interprets it as love. Bendigo sees it as a chance finally to lay his mother's soul to rest.

Created to be performed by teen actors, Bendigo Boswell provides a wonderful opportunity for a theatre company that prides itself on a strong education program. Bendigo Boswell has a plethora of design options, its setting in the Kentish countryside makes it the perfect show to stage outside.



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