Disability in the Big Blue World

This fun, interactive video offers a comprehensive look at ways in which disability shows up in Finding Nemo JR. Hosted by disabled theater makers and advocates Kerry Candeloro and Sofiya Cheyenne, the video defines some basic language around disability, dives deep into specific scenes in the show, and offers character-based discussion questions for you and your cast to explore. It will also explain the importance of representation in Finding Nemo among the disability community and share ways in which disability appears all around us in the real world.

Preview the video for yourself and then show the entire video to your cast after your first read-through, or split it up as you tackle the specific scenes explored in the video! You can also keep returning to the video throughout your rehearsal process. “Disability in the Big Blue World” is a tool for you to use in whatever way best serves your team, to ensure that you and your performers feel confident exploring disability in Finding Nemo JR. in a thoughtful, responsible way.