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January 20, 2012
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Good day! Would any one have any plans that show how to build sets or scenery for Aladdin Jr. We are a title I school with limited resources. Howver, we have a parent whose church is willing to build us whatever we need, we just need to give them plans/diagrams.Any Suggestions?
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January 21, 2012
Hi, Mike. If you have a willing and able builder, I'd recommend building a ton of rehearsal cubes and platforms that can be formed and stacked to make any set you will need in the future. Plans for a "lego set" can be found online under blackbox theater set construction. I would recommend using foamcore or insulation foam to make specific bits for each show. Those can be inexpensively done and either easily stored and recylcled or disposed of without too much heartache. I've done Aladdin Jr. twice and Aladdin Kids. Both times, I used a uniset made of black rehearsal platforms and cubes. I had a vendor cart on wheels that brought the "marketplace" in and out quickly without fuss. The actor who played the Magic Carpet brought in the inanimate Magic Carpet to rest on the highest platform. We used a high level in the theater box for the balcony scene and the throne room was a beautifully decorated Throne. You have to think of the future of your program - those rehearsal cubes and platforms will be the gift that keeps on giving! Break a leg! cj