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September 15, 2011
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Hi Everyone, I'm doing Alice in Wonderland Jr. this spring. Does anyone have any ideas on changing the image of the door so that it looks like Alice has really shrunk and door's grown taller and vice versa? I'm planning on using three Alices, but I want to change the door in some other way besides making him/her sit, stand and lay down. Thanks in advance.
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September 16, 2011
Thanks guys! Off to Wonderland!

September 15, 2011
Hi Marly, Alice is a great show! Have fun producing it. For my Jr version, We cut out a piece of luan (thin wood product) in the shape of a door and painted it to look like the door to Wonderland. Then we attached a second piece of luan to it with hinges. This second piece we cut out a smaller version of the door near the bottom right side that still included a place for the Doorknob character. We then painted it the hallway colors. Then, during the transformations, you can swing the "coverup" luan in front of the huge door to make it "smaller". Hopefully that wasn't too confusing! Let me know you need anymore help with the production! I am very glad to help. (PS, you can see a bunch of my production photos on the Alice in Wonderland JR. Showspace photo album) GOOD LUCK!! -Adam

September 15, 2011
Hi, Marly! I directed a production of Alice jr last year. We built a 2x2 base on casters, framed it in to create 6 ft tall sides. We then created a 'door' for each side. One side was the very small door which was painted and the rest of the side painted black as the void, one side a regular sized door and the third a giant keyhole. The small door and the regular sized door each had a 'head' sized hole for our 'doorknob' character. He sat inside of the piece and a stagehand turned it throughout the number where appropriate. As they did, he poked his head out of the correct door. When it was time for Alice to swim through the keyhole, he exited out the back, the door was turned so the audience only saw the keyhole which had a black curtain veiling the doorknob's exit and she swam through. It was very effective and allowed us to get the door set piece off in time for the next number. Audra