Rabbit Hole in Alice Jr.

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Does anyone have a suggestion on how to create a rabbit hole on a flat stage? I am looking for Alice to fall through briefly. Thanks!
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November 22, 2012
Adam - please could you email me the detail about the spiral you used for the rabbit hole? Thanks! Mary

November 18, 2012
Hi Adam, I'm new to this site and just saw the images from your Alice production. We are trying to solve the problem of how to stage Alice falling down the rabbit hole and I saw that you offered to email Christy your designs showing how you made your spiral, which looks great.Would you be able to do the same for me? Also, if anyone else has any ideas for the growing and shrinking of Alice, or for the falling down the hole bit, I'd be very grateful.it's causing me sleepless nights atm!

November 18, 2012
Hi Mary! Glad you found my pictures! No problem! Just send over your email! As for growing and shrinking Alice, we used a whole-stage strobe light to quickly switch out our 3 Alices at the different points in the production. In the doorknow scene, we changed the size of the door by placing a thin piece of wood (luan) painted the same checkerboard pattern as our hallway in front of the door when she was regular or tall Alice, and then when she shrunk down, we removed the luan and the door appeared to be larger. Keep the questions coming! Love using this site to help out fellow directors! Good luck with your production! :) -ADAM

November 18, 2012
Hi Adam, Thanks very much for getting back to me and for the growing and shrinking ideas. The beginning of this show is really tricky! My email address is mary.hands@btinternet.com So glad I've found this site. It's great to talk to people who've been through it and solved the problems! Cheers! Mary

July 5, 2012
We filmed Alice 'falling' in front of a green screen and then added a moving background behind for the duration of the song. The singing was then synched live for Alice and the ensemble. As the song came to an end, Alice 'fell' off the bottom of the screen and when the lights came up, was revealed to be lying on the floor. We also used the projection screen for the Rabbits House sequence so that we had a giant Alice head projected.

They both sound great. Thank you so much!

Hi Christy, We closed a black traveler upstage and had Alice sit on a black tall stool in the dark. Since she was elevated, she was able to slowly wave her arms and legs as if she was falling. Students who wore black came through the traveler and circled her holding foamcore shapes toward the audience ( teapot, lamp, pocketwatch, etc) painted with Wildfire paint. With the blacklight, it was a fantastic effect as if everything was floating.

July 1, 2012
Hi Christy - When we performed Alice, we had our Alice jump off stage. Then we brought on a 12 foot luan circle painted like a spiral. We had a stage crew member spin the circle begin a curtain and Alice stood in front of it and acted like she was falling. Was a pretty cool effect with dim lighting and the other wonderland characters floating by during the song. There is a picture of it on my Alice in Wonderland Jr. Photo Album... here is a link to it: http://www.mtishowspace.com/photos/116059/falling-down-the-rabbit-hole Hope this helps!