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April 24, 2019
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Hi, I would love to produce the new production of “Frozen, Jr” at my theatre school but we are not able to  projected backdrops. What other ways could we show the special effects of Elsa’s magic?  Thanks! 

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April 24, 2019

A great question, Ashley, which will have some great suggestions from all those who have already performed it! Many groups cannot do projections, and the "magic" can still be showstopping. Many young casts are using the snow chorus actors choreographically for Elsa's snow castle reveal/transformation, as well as when she transforms the dancers into ice. This is an IDEAL situation to work with your students on the art of stage craft and illusion to tell the story.  

The choreogrpahy DVD has some great ideas for it as well.  Of course, sound and lighting can assist. Many are using LED battery rope lighting on snow chorus costumes and cast members power on at specific times in the music.  Stage boxes and cast can literally become the snow palace.  Be ready for everyone's twist to pour in, but sometimes the more you can do without all the bells and whistles is MORE effective and teaches along the way.  Boundaries are freeing!