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November 30, 2009
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Tell me about doing Mulan with an all white cast and community?
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December 1, 2009
Hi Marty! It is an exciting prospect. I just returned from 2 weeks in China and have more of an appreciation for the authenticity and the way that show is crafted than I did when I wrote the curriculum connections for the Director's Guide. The story is extremely powerful and the beauty of this version is that it is one of the simplest Jr. shows scene wise and truly even costume wise. It is influenced by Chinese Opera, more the style of a play with music, stylized movement and in this case an incredibly exciting battle to stage. Simplicity and uniformity are your keys: hanging simple ancient scrolls, costuming kids with basic black and differentiating them with appropriate robes, jackets, headgear and making sure hairstyles are as uniform as possible: pulled back for girls. Sometimes the ancient style mustache modeled after Beijing Opera works great to keep boy characters clear. I have production pics form some schools I can send you, feel free to ask me on mtishowsupport.com. This show is a beauty and a great one to change style, pace and help students have a deeper appreciation for tradition in this world. Glad you are thinking about it!!