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Does the Kids "Jungle Book" show pack come with full orchestration for performances? In other words, do I have to have any live orchestra?
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December 20, 2009
Have you ever thought of putting the harmony parts on a split track to help students singing the harmony parts? Many of the music book series that are available to teachers in regular music classes supply this as a guide and teaching aid for students. Not all students are used to singing harmony and this would be such a time saving tool when working with students who have little music training as I have frequently encountered. We are not allowed to audition students before they are placed in our musical theatre class. We audition for parts at the beginnig of the semester. Students come to us with a variety of musical backgrounds from many years performing to the very first time music student. A split track requires turning off one speaker to make the other part more prominent. This would make my life SOOOO much easier with the novice singers. Thanks! I really do find the MTI Show Kits to be the best available (just thought I would ask for a little time saver which could make things easier for the Music Director!).

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December 17, 2009

The Junior and Kids shows all have recorded CD's of the orchestrations. One for rehearsal with vocals and one for performance. Truly, this is one of the things we are proudest of with the Junior series, the recordings are STELLAR and designed to showcase students voices and abilities at this age. "Jungle Book Kids" is one of my favorite tracks. I remember when I was preparing the pilot, I would play the tracks in my car on the way to school at an obnoxious sound level. The "Club" conga sound writing is brilliant and excites an audience beyond measure. In for a treat you are Christine!

December 14, 2009
All Junior and Kids shows come with two CD's. One with vocal examples and one with only orchestrations. They usually containt scene change music as we..