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August 17, 2016
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Can High School students Perform in jr shows? What is the minimum cast for Little Mermaid, jr? How long do materials typically take to arrive? (I'm still waiting for my organization to be approved)
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August 18, 2016

Hi Jill!  High school students can perform in JR shows, one of 2 ways.  The purchase of the showkit permits students through grade 9, OR you can talk with your MTI rep and they arrange a different type of license to accomodate what you need.  Little Mermaid JR can accomodate a large cast, but if you are performing with a smaller one, but under 30 would be a challenge. You could cast small numbers for sea creatures, merfolk,lagoon animals,sailors and chefs.  Difficult to cretae the crazy fun in these numbers without gulls and Ursala's tentacles!

Materials are usually shipped within 1-2 weeks and sometimes sooner once you are approved.  Give your rep a call Jill- they are happy to help.  Break a leg!