Where to end ACT I in Disney's Little Mermaid Jr

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February 23, 2014
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Hi everyone! This may sound like a ridiculous question but, where have you been ending ACT I in Disney's Little Mermaid Jr. There are two places I feel that would work, either after Part of Your World Reprise 2 or after she surrenders her voice to Ursula and swims to the surface. What has everyone else been doing?
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April 17, 2014
Thank you everyone! The show was a huge success!! My original choice was the same as what Jason (see above) had done, but we decided to cut to intermission after Ariel's Part of Your World, Reprise 2, as the music lends itself as a perfect place to end an ACT. Yes, the 1st ACT is usually longer, but when you take into consideration that the patrons began coming into the theater 45minutes before the start of the show, then this worked out really well! See our trailer of the show on our YouTube Channel for MSB Productions2012 under the posted title: The Little Mermaid Trailer 2014

April 15, 2014
Maria, What is your email address? I can send you a clip of how we ended Act 1. We did it after Beluga Sevuga as well and it worked perfect! Jason

April 15, 2014
When My theatre did this we did not have an intermission, but we were going to stop it right before the Les Poisons Scene.

April 12, 2014
Hi Maria, I think I found the perfect place to end Act 1 to be after Beluga Sevruga. I decided to make it so that Ariel disappears behind blue cloth waves during her transformation, and then her legs fly out above the "ocean surface" (the fabric) at the final chord. The curtain closes right as her legs pop up. I believe that's how they did it in the original Broadway version. Hope that helps!