Edges. Edges. Edges.

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January 1, 2010
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I will be uploading clips shortly of the version I directed... but I would love to discuss the show with anyone that is in it/ considering directing this piece. It is wonderful and a great show to bounce ideas off of! Let me know. I am all ears!!eric mathew
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May 24, 2010
I would LOVE to be in EDGES! I've never done the show but I have performed a number of songs for a number of things. I sang Boy With Dreams an audition and got the lead. I sang Coasting and Like Breathing for a benefit. The songs are so well written. I believe there is a recording of my friends and I singing Like Breathing in my Videos.

January 2, 2010
Hey Eric, I was just cast in Edges about a month ago. We start rehearsals Sunday week, just thought I would say hi and ask if you have any pointers for the show? I will be playing man 1. Shaun :D

January 2, 2010
Hey Shaun! Man 1 is an awesome role and has some awesome songs through out the show. The way I directed the show was it was kind of told from Man 1's perspective. He started the show on an empty stage and thats how it was ended too. Just a different approch. Kind of a "I am telling my story and you should too!" A few things I noticed were, the Man 1 harmonies seem to be the most difficult. Totally have that tape recorder ready so you can plug away at them. Also, make sure to take enough breaths during "Boy with Dreams" it's so easy to forget to breathe! Other than that... not too much. Have fun though... it's a great show. All the best! eric