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May 16, 2016
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Has anyone tried double casting roles in Into the Woods Jr other than the traditional Wolf/Cinderella's Prince and Narrator/Mysterious Man? The class I'm working with has an enrollment cap of 12 but I'm hoping to make it work. Any suggestions?
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May 16, 2016

Hi Erika!  Into the Woods JR is a challenge to use a large ensemble.  If you double cast it solves the issue, but many of us do not!  Many add other storybook characters, (Three Little Pigs, Sleeping Beauty, etc.) but it truly has to be done carefully with respect to the storytelling.  You may add ensemble as the woods which can be visually stunning to block as well as padding voice parts! My friend Christie Jeter from Jeter Backyard Theater, has done this where the woods became animated scenery breaking the fourth wall and leads the audience in how to react. The type of performance space you have may inspire you as far as numbers. Such an amazing show for kids to be exposed to, worth every extra minute of artistic brainstorming you put into it!