Willy Wonka with 10-15 cast members?

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August 16, 2013
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I run a children's theatre company which offers after-school classes, and 1 show a year. I've had a surprisingly low turnout for this year's show, which we were planning on being Willy Wonka. We enroll kids and guarantee every kid a part, so we start off doing audition prep and generally hold auditions 3-4 weeks into "rehearsal". I didn't purchase the show rights yet because I always want to wait to make sure the class will "make" before putting out the money. At this point I have 10-12 kids signed up. Can I do Willy Wonka with that few kids?
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August 19, 2013
I know how it is when you have a show in your head and for some reason numbers or kids don't materialize! Willy Wonka JR and especially the KIds version is a great show, but it would be a challenge to do with 10-11 kids. (Not impossible, but a challenge!) Oompa Loompas would have to play several roles (grandparents, candy kids etc.) and you might have to have staff or community member or theatre company alumni to play a few short roles such as Phineous Trout. Any possibility of using little brothers and sisters as Ooompa Loompas? If you full-on costume, changes might be tricky. If you told me you had 15 I could safely say your task might be easier. Any other shows in your vision? KIDS versions run 30-40 minutes and usually have smaller casts and easier to allow kids several roles.