Seussical - Instrumentation

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December 29, 2009
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I would love to know what different instrumentations have been used successfully in Seussical. We are preparing to assemble our ensemble and we don't have a wealth of instrumentalists to draw from. What would you consider the basic ensemble and what would give you the best bang for your buck after that basic group? I would appreciate any information and advice!-Greg
3 Answers

August 12, 2016
For bass guitar: is there a bass guitar part or does the bassist use the bass (double bass) book?

January 14, 2010
When we performed Seussical, we used a piano, drumset, clarinet, trumpet, flute and bass guitar. It sounded great.

January 14, 2010
Thank you so much Christopher. That is going to be about the size of my ensemble and it is great to know that it can work and sound great!!!