Singing in the Rain- Rain Coats

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We are looking for yellow rain slickers for the finale of Singin' in the Rain. We are having the hardest time finding them! We are on a strict budget and are trying to find them to fit children and adults for as cheap as possible. Please help! Does anyone have any ideas?
3 Answers

Hi Claire: A a costumer, I would look in trift stores in any seaside towns you can find. Thought that might help...:) Jen

Thanks John! We open ours on August 4th! I will definitely check out the ones on Amazon. I'll let you know if I find any of what you're looking for!

Hi Claire, I saw yellow rain slickers at for $6.99 apiece. I have no idea how sturdy they are for that price. We open our production of the show August 5 ... I'm looking for period microphones and couches! Best of luck with your production! John MacNaughton