Adding ensemble to "Spelling Bee?"

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July 28, 2012
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Has anyone seen/done a version of Spelling Bee where extra cast members are added to sing some of the songs, just to get more kids involved in the show? I can't imagine how, as everyone obviously needs to be eliminated, but I was trying to think about it like "A Chorus Line," where the large group started and ended the show.
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June 8, 2016
Yes, when I did this a few years ago, I did it with 2 casts of students so I could utilize closer to 20-25. So I had two Marcy's, two Leaf's, two Olive's, etc. When they weren't playing their lead role, I utilized them in company numbers as "ensemble spellers". Meaning in group numbers like Pandemonium they were all singing and dancing. I designed my stage to have two sets of risers. On one side were the eliminated spellers. On the other side were the spellers remaining. So even though the script wouldn't specifically have lines where ensemble spellers were eliminated, I simply used the dance choreography in the numbers to indicate to the audience when ensemble spellers were out, thus keeping the integrity of the script in tact. Kind of outside of the box, I know, but it worked and got more kids involved. I didn't want to cast kids as "audience volunteers" because I think that's part of the charm of the show ... when you get to pull up the unsuspecting Principal or Superintendent to the stage and get them involved. It was a blast!

October 16, 2012
Instead of 4 audience members -- add kids. Also, the dads, Jesus, etc can be new roles.

August 2, 2012
What about adding a "Greek Chorus" to the ensemble that performs the song when spellers are eliminated (I feel like it's called The Goodbye Song)? I've only seen the show twice so it might or might not work...break a leg!