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Does anyone have either:1 . A recording of all of the dance music in the Music Man that actually aligns with the score?or2. A list of what measures in the score align with the music on any of the recordings? I'm having a heck of a time finding the music in the score that matches with what's on various recordings. And the choreographer has choreographed based on certain recordings, so I would rather just find it in the score. Specifically, I mean the Shipoopi, 76 Trombones, Marian Dance, It's You Ballet, Eulalie's Ballet, and the Chase Music.ThanksEmily McDuffee
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February 8, 2018

It is a real struggle!  I did the grunt work 5 years ago when we performed this, by recording the piano accomp. on garage band, and marking the cuts for the orchestra.  This year we are cutting a bit more off the dance breaks, and I taught myself how to cut my old garage band clips. (well, someone on youtube taught me)

Getting ahead of the choreographer is the key, and giving him/her exactly what you'll be using.  Otherwise you may have to get someone who can see/hear the music to mark your score.  THERE ARE NEVER ANY RECORDINGS THAT MATCH THE SCORE.  And some films have added music that is not even in the score.