Lady Audley's Secret

Lady Audley's Secret
All is not right in this mannered, macabre and mirthful musical melodrama of 1890s England.

Based on "the most sensationally successful of all the sensation novels," Lady Audley's Secret was originally brought to riotous life on the illustrious Goodman stage in Chicago, Illinois.

The young, beautiful and gracious Lady Audley, who has recently married the elderly Sir Michael, has a dark and sinister secret. (Only her maid knows the truth – and she's not telling.) Enter our Lady's dashing step-nephew, Robert, with his friend, George Talboys, who is grieving over the death of his beloved wife. Lady Audley is immediately taken by Robert but distressed when George seems to recognize her. The sanctity of her dreaded secret in peril, Lady Audley resorts to desperate measures to keep the truth concealed -, including deceit, arson and cold-blooded murder – while maintaining that lovely poise. Poor Lady Audley! Has she lost her mind?

With a host of featured roles, Lady Audley's Secret is the perfect way to give every performer a chance to shine. It will most certainly delight audiences of all shapes and sizes with its tongue-in-cheek hilarity. Lady Audley's Secret is a fantastic choice for nearly any company.



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