Licensing a Show

Your License Application

After your group has chosen a show from the MTI catalogue, send or complete a license application online, providing us with your anticipated performance dates, your theatre's contact info and seating capacity, and your intended ticket prices.  If your selected show has no restrictions, you will receive an official "Offer" once you click "Submit."

You can apply for up to three titles at the same time, but only for the same anticipated dates. People do this to see what's available for their area in that time frame, or because they haven't yet settled on what show they want to produce. So, you can apply for three at once and decide later.

Please note, any presentation of a musical from MTI that takes place in front of an assembly of people (no matter how few) is considered royalty-bearing under the law, whether or not admission is charged. This can include "invited" dress rehearsals or contest excerpts. A valid performance license and royalty fee is required for all of these performances. If you have any questions about whether or not a performance may require a royalty, please ask your MTI licensing representative.

Your License Offer / Production Contract

Once we process your license application, you will then receive an "Offer."  The offer (the production contract) is important because it outlines everything you are permitted and not permitted to do with that particular title. In all of our shows, there are contractual restrictions regarding billing and production, among other things; the contract also outlines your royalty payments and rental fees for that show. 

Your license offer is only valid for six (6) weeks from the date of issue. To secure the rights outlined in the license, you should return the signed license with payment within the six weeks. If it is not returned as outlined above, show availability and the fees quoted may be withdrawn. If you decide to change the dates or other details of your production, you should notify MTI in writing immediately, since changes can affect the availability and conditions of a license. 


A deposit or payment in full is required along with your Production Contract in order for the offer to become a “booking.”  However, for full-length shows, we do allow groups to reserve the rights and hold the contract offer open with a signed contract and payment of the $400 security deposit.

For Broadway Junior musicals, there is no security deposit option, and payment must be received in full.

For schools and government agencies only, a signed and authorized purchase order is acceptable for royalty and rental payment.  You must still send us your check or credit card information for the security fee, as well as your signed and authorized purchase order, when you return the signed production contract in order for materials to be shipped. 

Your Booking

After we receive your signed License Offer with signature and payment, the Offer becomes a Booking, which is official permission to perform your show on the requested dates.

Your Materials

The materials rented by MTI are the materials that have been provided by the author(s) of the work and are the ONLY authorized materials for rehearsals or performances. We send you EVERYTHING you need to rehearse and perform the show: librettos (scripts), vocal books, piano-conductor scores and orchestra parts. No other materials are required. 

Provided we receive full payment and a signed copy of the Production Contract, a full set of materials will be shipped approximately two (2) months before the first performance. Please allow up to ten (10) days for delivery.  At the conclusion of your show, all of the materials must be shipped back to MTI.