Mamma Mia! Additional Licensing Guidelines and Provisions

Mamma Mia! - Additional Licensing Guidelines and Provisions

It is a condition of this License that you comply at all times with the credit provisions and other restrictions and requirements included in this Rider. By signing this Rider, you acknowledge and agree that the Licensee will comply with all terms and conditions of this Rider.


You shall incorporate the title Mamma Mia! and the relevant individual credits and strictly comply with all size and placement requirements on the title page of all playbills and programs, and in all houseboards and displays and in all other advertising, press releases and any other promotional material, in the manner set forth in the attached billing samples.


Without limiting any other terms of this License, you acknowledge that this License includes only MTI's rights with respect to the book, music and lyrics of the Play. This License specifically excludes and prohibits any right for you to use or copy any creative elements from prior productions of the Play (including the London, Broadway and touring productions) (the "First-Class Productions") or the film Mamma Mia! (the "Film"), including, without limitation, the choreography, direction, staging, set, costume, lighting or sound design or the physical production of any First-Class Production or the Film and the properties or accessories thereof. In addition, you expressly acknowledge and agree that all designs, including sets, costumes, lighting, sound and makeup, must be original and may not replicate those of any other production. By signing below, you acknowledge that the creative elements from prior productions of the Play (including the First-Class Productions) are protected by U.S. and international copyright law and that any use or copying of such creative elements is strictly prohibited and may subject your organization to an action for copyright infringement. In addition, please see Paragraph 4 below with respect to the prohibition on uses of the logos and artwork from First-Class Productions of the Play and the Film.


Your production of the Play must include no fewer than 20 performers for the cast unless MTI, acting on behalf of the copyright owners, agrees in writing.


An authorized Mamma Mia! logo title treatment (the "Authorized Logo") has been made available for use by all licensees under the following conditions:

  • No changes to the provided Authorized Logo (including color, layout or design) will be approved.
  • If desired, Licensees may design their own artwork to use in coordination with the Authorized Logo as long as that artwork is distinctly different from anything used for the First-Class productions or for the Film. For example, there can be no use of the original "Bride" artwork or bridal imagery in general, nor can the artwork include the name "ABBA" or the title of any ABBA songs either as part of the artwork or in a strapline directly attached.

PROFESSIONAL THEATRES: Please note that Professional theatres are REQUIRED to use the Authorized Logo - either to stand alone or in coordination with artwork of their own design as described above.

AMATEUR THEATRES: Amateur theatres have the option to design their own logo, including title treatment, under the following conditions, which apply to ALL licensees:

You agree that except for the use of the Authorized Logo, you will not use any logos, artwork, or advertising, promotional or marketing material, including television, radio, websites or social media marketing, that suggests that your production is in any way associated with the First-Class Productions (as defined in Paragraph 2), including the use of any artwork, video or audio recordings, critics quotes or other advertising or promotional materials associated with such productions, or references to awards won by First-Class Productions or the Film (as defined in Paragraph 2). There may be no use of the original "Bride" artwork or bridal imagery in general in your show's artwork. The name "ABBA" and/or titles of ABBA songs may not be referenced in the logo or on a strapline directly attached.


The granting of this License to you to perform the Play is not to be construed as a right to interpolate new music, text or lyrics or alter any music or lyrics (including changing the order of songs or scenes) or to make any changes in the text included with the rented material, nor does it include any right to make any alterations or adjustments to the orchestrations or arrangements supplied. No changes of any kind shall be made in the Play. Further, any questions arising in connection with this License or the Play shall be directed exclusively to MTI and not to the Authors or any other party. Any violation of the restrictions set forth in the first sentence of this Paragraph 5 shall be deemed a willful infringement of the copyright of the Authors, and the referral of any matter other than to MTI shall be regarded as a breach of this License. In either case all rights are reserved.