Disney High School Musical Costume Rentals

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Disney High School Musical costumes!   Great pricing and selection.

4C Drama Costume Rentals  Princeton, Indiana

Visit us at www.4cdrama.com for complete details.   Or email at 4cdrama@gmail.com

Here are just some of the items we have available:

Red basketball uniforms - jerseys & shorts
White basketball uniforms - jerseys & shorts
Red basketball warm-ups - jackets & pants
"GO DRAMA CLUB!" t-shirts
White basketball warm-up (for Troy) - jacket & pants
Cheerleading uniforms - shells, skirts, & trunks
Cheerleading warm-ups - shorts, jackets, tube socks, & red shoe laces
Red & white poms
Ms. Darbus outfits
Sharpay's pink boucle suit
Sharpay's Bop to the Top dress
Sharpay's finale outfit
Sharpay wigs (hair down & up-do)
Gabriella's finale dress
Gabriella's blue terry cloth leisure suit
Ryan's finale shirt & hat
Ryan's Bop to the Top shirt
Kelsi's finale outfit
Kelsi's callback outfit
Troy's opening outfit
Troy's denim outfit
Troy's red/white baseball shirt
Chad wigs
Wildcat mascot costume with jersey
And more.....


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