Seussical Props

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  • Seussical Bathtub
  • Bird Girls Tails
  • Cat's Piano
  • TV, Magnifying Glass, Foam Clover Field
  • Egg, Nest, and Tree
  • Whoville/Circus Welcome Sign
  • Circus McGurkus Wagon Boards
  • Whoville Flat

Seussical Props & Costume Pieces for Sale!  We are willing to negotiate/consider any offer.

  • Jojo's Bathtub (full bathtub and spigot on wheeled base)
  • The Egg/Nest/Tree (6' ladder on wheeled base)
  • Circus McGurkus Wagons (2 4x8 foam cutouts)
  • A Whoville 4x8 Backdrop (4x8 foam cutout)
  • Thing 1 & 2 TV, Magnifying Glass
  • A Piano (in pieces) (foam cutouts on a wheeled base - base will not be included)
  • Beautiful Feathered Tails
    • Gertrude (3 sizes)
    • Mayzie (Full, red)
    • 4 Bird Girls (yellow, purple, blue, coral)

Available for pick up at Carrollton High School in Carrollton, Ohio.

Please contact Alzana Nuzzolillo at for more information.