Mary Poppins - Set/Prop plot

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Package Includes:

2 Matching Metal Benches w/ Urn & Festoon Motif (1 on platform), 34" Bench
Color Changing Park Backdrop: Muslin
Cherry Tree Lane Backdrop: Muslin
Supercalifragilisticexpialodocious Banner, Printed vinyl
Small Dresser with Trick Top
Trick Carpet Bag
Black Carpet Bag- Mrs. Andrews
Ornate Lamppost w/ Base
Dollhouse, Vintage; 2 pcs + box of doll/furniture 
Valentine Doll, Small Valentine Toy
Trick Vase, Break-apart Vase/Urn
Dolphin Statue, with faux stone paint treatment [dim:1'-11"d x 3'-10"h
Mary Poppins Parrot Head Umbrella Handle