1776 Costume Rentals

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  • 1776 Costume Rentals
  • 1776 Costume Rentals
  • 1776 Costume Rentals
  • 1776 Costume Rentals

Professional set of theatrical rental costumes for 1776.  Costumes are altered to your actor's measurements at no additional charge, cleaning is also included in the rental fee.

View our 1776 Costume Plot and rental info on our website:


DC Theatricks has been designing and renting costumes for productions worldwide for nearly 40 years.  We build custom costumes for Broadway and off-Broadway shows, national tours and Equity theaters.  Our experienced and helpful staff can help bring that same quality to your stage.

Please call us at 716-847-0180 if you have any questions or need further information.

Visit our website for more details or to purchase from our online store: