Lion King Jr. Costume Rental

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Full Lion King Jr. costume rental package available. All Items can be rented separately or as a package. We originaly did this show with 60 kids ranging from 3rd grade to 7th grade. We have all the leads costumes as well as the Ensemble costumes listed below. Due to the size of the Wildebeest Masks, Gazelle body, Pumba Body, Grassland Skirts and Hat, shipping for these items will be a high price. Included in this rental are Zazu's puppet, baby simba doll, Masks for Simba, Scar and Mufasa. Please contact for more photos as well as details about the costumes.

Ensemble Numbers

Circle of Life Animals






          White Birds-Female-3


          Black Birds-Unisex- 9





Hyneas-Unisex-16 including named Hyneas



African Kaftans for He Lives in you and They Live in you-Unisex-12

Jungle People for Can you Feel the love tonight(this is not a necessary costume)-Unisex-19