Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II Plant Set For Sale

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  • Audrey II - Plant 1
  • Audrey II - Plant 2
  • Audrey II - Plant 3
  • Audrey II - Plant 3
  • Audrey II - Plant 4
  • Audrey II - Plant 4

Little Shop of Horrors Audrey II Plant set FOR SALE!

Custom built plant set and accessories have been used successfully in multiple shows and we now would now like to sell the set.

Entire collection is contained in containers - with custom crates for Audey II - plant 3 and plant 4 - suitable for shipping and/or resale/rental.

The set includes:

Plant 1

Plant Puppet (allows for puppeteer to work puppet from under counter and has 4 leaves that wilt when the puppet is sad)
Clear acrylic storage bin with locking handles 
Removable bottom Cover
White Glove

Plant 2

Plant Puppet
Clear acrylic storage bin with locking handles
Integrated Coat with fake arm
Gloves (2)

Plant 3

Plant Puppet
Wooden Hexagonal Mobile Base Flower Pot with integrated puppeteer seat, seat belt
Custom wooden storage crate for storage/rental (measures approximately 26" wide by 36" long by 42" high)
Puppeteer Jumpsuit
Puppeteer Foot Vines (2)
Extra Mobile Base Vines (2)
Sheet Cover (for puppet reveal)
Intestines, Hand, Foot (to feed the puppet)
Bloody Dentist Jacket
Mobile Base Leaves (3)
Home of Audrey II Sign

Plant 4

Plant Puppet
Custom wooden storage/transportation crate (measuring approximately 8' long X 7' tall X 5' wide)
Red Puppeteer pants
Dirt Tarp (for under plant 4)
Vine Octopus (for under plant 4)
Tree Branch Arms (2)
Puppeteer Stool


Pod Heads (4) (for finale)
Arm Leaves (8) (for finale)
Small Pod Spores (3) (for finale)
Misc leafy vines (for plant 4 decorations)
All items besides the plants are contained in 2 oversized plastic locking storage bins

Additional Items for Sale seperately:

Shop counter with matching cutout for plant 1
Dentist mask/tank
Cash Register for shop counter


** Can provide shipping for an additional fee - otherwise pickup requires at least a 6' x 12' trailer **