Frozen Sets

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  • Elsa's Ice Castle, Frozen
  • Bedroom, Frozen
  • Oaken's Trading Post, Frozen
  • In Summer, Frozen
  • Winter Scene, Frozen
  • Ice Spikes, Frozen
  • Stage, Frozen
  • Revolving Door, Frozen
  • Revolving Door view 2, Frozen
  • Anna's Coronation Cake, Frozen
  • OLAF, Frozen
  • Fireplace, Frozen
  • In Summer Scene piece different view, Frozen

Disney's Frozen, Jr sets FOR SALE. 

$10,000 takes everything (choice of costumes included, ages 2nd grade-12th grade)!  Would like to sell everything together if possible. 

All of these sets are sturdy, built of OSB and 2x4's, screwed together.  All sets are on casters and roll easily. 

Ice Castle; Highest point is 11' but can remove the "door" of the castle for shipping/traveling purposes.  The ice Castle has a built in storage space near the top platform for a Fog Geyser to be utilized for Elsa's quick change.

Sets are located in West Union, West Virginia 

Call/Text Chad for details on the sets @ 304-672-6636 or Stacy @ 304-844-3706