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Live in Living Color!

The Red Phoenix Theatre Company is excited to offer costumes for Catch Me If You Can! We have costumes to cover the full show. 

See our costumes here:

Costumes include:

8+Pilot Costumes

Sequin Jacket

10+Stewardess Costumes

10+Nurse Costumes (Male and Female)

Doctor Costume

8+School Sweaters

4+Pinstripes all they See Costumes 

Police Costumes/Can't break the rules costumes

10+Live in Living Color Opening number White Costumes for Ensemble

Costumes for the Toolkit

Family Tree Costumes for Ensemble 


*We costumed about 40 students in our production - all High School and College age, so our sizes should fit teens-adults.


We are happy to help meet your needs however we can, so please email us with your costume needs/requests! 

We look forward to assisting you in costuming your production of "Catch Me if You Can"

For specific questions please feel free to contact us at: