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Red Phoenix Theatre Company is excited to offer Costume Rental packages for Disney's DESCENDANTS the Musical!

Full show rental available or we can create a custom rental package if you only need/want specific costumes for example a Leads Only Package to include: Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay, Malificent, Jafar, Cruella, Evil Queen. 

We costumed about 50 students for this show between ages 10-18. The leads were all high school students and sizes range from XS-L/XL. We have multiple options for this show, so please email us what you are looking for and we would be happy to help meet your costuming needs however we can! 

Typically we do rentals based on a weekly rate or we can figure out a package deal flat rate. That is all subject to availability. Priority given to Full Package Rentals. 

Please be sure to submit your inquiries to our email. If you can include your show dates/ rental dates of interest that would be helpful! ​Contact us by email at:

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