Mamma Mia Costumes

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Red Phoenix Theatre Company is now offering Mamma Mia Costumes for Rent!

They can be rented as a full show package or a partial package if available. Costume rental packages/options are based on availability. We are happy to try and meet your costume needs/budget so please email us with your inquiries:

See our photos of the costumes on our website:

*Dynamo’s: Sparkle costumes for Super Trouper, Incredible Silver Sequin Finale Costumes (Donna costume is a Large/XL, other two are a small/medium)
*Sequin Costumes for Sam, Harry, Bill, Sophie & Sky (Adult Small-Large/XL)
*shoes not included

*All principal costumes including travel clothing, partywear, beachwear, nightmare scene and wedding.

*Costumes for ensemble members, including an island look, Money Money Costume, party look, some bathing suits/beachwear, nightmare scene and wedding, including tux jackets for Male Ensemble.

*6 pairs of flipper fins and masks are available.Wetsuit for Sky only.

*Wedding Dress for Sophie
*Wedding dress for Sky with veil

Matching Beach Towels are available for rent as well if interested.