Pit Band Junior

Pit Band Junior

Accessible Orchestrations and Arrangements for Broadway Junior Musicals

Pit Band Junior offers complete orchestrations for some of your favorite Broadway Junior® titles!

Now your student musicians have the chance to provide live accompaniment for your Broadway Junior performances. Pit Band Junior is comprised of a standardized orchestration covering a typical upper-middle school to high school concert band instrumentation (plus string orchestration). This can be a great opportunity to use your very own concert band, wind ensemble, jazz band, orchestra, or create a new ensemble!

Pit Band Junior preserves the integrity of the show’s original orchestrations while altering them slightly to be as accessible as possible for student musicians. Difficult passages have been simplified and often doubled with other instruments.

What You'll Get

You’ll receive a full score, all instrumental parts, a keyboard string reduction, detailed program notes and a rehearsal outline all through a convenient digital download!

Orchestration Examples

Check out these free examples from Annie JR. and Shrek the Musical JR.

N.Y.C. From Annie JR.

Freak Flag from Shrek the Musical JR. 




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November 17, 2020
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When will this be available for more jr and kids titles?

I'm wondering because as of now you only offer Annie jr and shrek jr

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