Frozen Jr. Set

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- May pole- this is an octangular rolling platform on locking casters that is 4’x4’ and has a may pole standing in the middle. I am unsure how tall this is when fully assembled. I would assume 7’-7’6”. The pole is removable.


- Castle interior/ sides of Elsa’s ice palace- (2) 4’x8’ rolling platforms on locking casters with walls approximately 7’6” tall (the pieces are almost 8’tall when fully assembled for performance. The walls are covered on either side by painted rigid foam. There are also 2 rows of lit “ice shards” that sit on top of the castle interior shelves to produce the finished affect for Elsa’s ice palace. There are 2 small beds for the bedroom scene as well.


- Elsa’s palace central piece with spiral staircase and pedestal- this piece is also built on a 4’x8’ rolling platform with locking casters. The stairs come off in (2) pieces and the pedestal also comes off for transport. The pedestal is approximately 4’ tall and sits about 4’6” of of the ground when fully assembled on the platform.


-4 tree stands for mountain path scenes- these are 4 rolling pieces that contain mounts for trees along a 8ft long beam attached to stabilizing legs on non-locking casters. These currently contain real trees which will not survive very long and would need to be replaced with something else or other trees in the future.


- we're including the paintings on the towers since they go with the projections (but not the actual towers, we can supply instructions for how to build)!