The Little Mermaid

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  • Sand Castles
  • Back Side of SR Sand Castle
  • This is the backside of the SL Sandcastle
  • Kiss the Girl Boat
  • Eric's Ship with Railings
  • Triton's Throne
  • Chef Louis' Cart
  • Chef Louis' Cart backside
  • Cabinet Unit
  • Ariel's Grotto Seat
  • Rock Unit

Set pieces can be sold separately, or all together. Prices are negotiable. All set pieces will be available August 1, 2023.

The Sand Castle set facades are also included if interested. More pictures can be emailed if interested.

Included in the pictures are:

-The full set (all of the sand castle Flats, and the Bubble Portals)

-Ursula Lair Unit with the Sandcastle back

-Ariel's Grotto Unit with the Sandcastle Back, and a trick flap for the Grotto destruction (not pictured)

-Kiss the Girl Boat, on Casters, and a U shaped door on the Upstage side of the Boat

-Chef Louis' cart enough room for Sebastian to hide in, and a trap door for his reveal under the platter

-Cabinet Unit has two sides, one for Louis' kitchen, and the other for dining room side (set dressing is extra)

-Ship Unit is a step up platform, with sails, and 2 railings that can be placed in front of the unit to give the illusion of a lower deck

-King Triton's Throne- Is on casters for Triton to be rolled out for his entrance.

-Rock Unit- Angled unit with foam rocks